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Situated in the beautiful leafy village of Wahroonga in Sydney’s northern suburbs, our gorgeous little store has settled in nicely and is fast becoming known for unique furniture, homewares, vintage pieces and beautiful accessories.

Martyn and I are one of those crazy couples that just keep building and renovating - well just because! He builds and I paint so, together, for over twenty years we’ve spruced up quite a few houses along the way though this is the first shop we have ever tackled.

Formerly a fancy dress shop adorned in purple and yellow from top to toe, we gave it the once over with our signature white, rustic and black and white chic. Using a combination of affordable materials and our combined skills we took just six weeks to reinvent the space, opening the door in March.

Here are some process shots from the makeover. I always love to look back on pics like this, it really shows just how far we’ve come!

Not local to the area? No problem! You can shop online here.

IMG 6179

IMG 6248

IMG 6270

IMG 6436

IMG 6595

IMG 6842

Tara Dennis Store 200516 020LR 1

Tara Dennis Store 200516 018LR

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Want to keep up to date with what's happening in the store? Here's where to find us!

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