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My garden is a little unconventional in that our house is perched on the side of a very steep hlll. Our main outdoor living areas consist of a west facing deck and two shady terraces meaning any kind of greenery has to be in pots as well as extremely hardy. Over the years we’ve established that succulents and Cycads seems to like it there the most and as such, deliver year-round satisfaction thriving on very little attention and water. Perfect for me as I’m super busy and do tend to forget my pots from day-to-day. 

Our river house is five years old now, and the timber clad walls (painted in Taubmans ‘Black Ace’) are finally starting to ‘settle’ in, mainly due to the pots of green clustered here and there. The cool, lush foliage really punctuates the black and provides plenty of texture and interest. 

Tara Dennis - As seen in Home Beautiful

Tara Dennis - As seen in Home Beautiful

Being a child of the seventies, I was never particularly fond of succulents, we had them everywhere in our garden and they all seemed fairly boring compared to the frillier, much prettier flowers mum had growing. It’s amazing how things come full circle though, succulents are very much back in vogue only this time I completely get it and am addicted. Their exotic varieties give you so many planting options and they will literally will grow potted in anything, even sprouting roots when left sitting on top of the dirt waiting for me to plant them - oops!

I created an article on my garden recently for Home Beautiful magazine and included some other creative ideas I’m working on around the place as well as some of the succulent varieties I’ve planted.
Check it out in the September 2015 issue and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

Tara Dennis - As seen in Home Beautiful

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